donatella_moss (donatella_moss) wrote,

New one...

Title: Hotel Nightmares
Rating: PG-13 some language
Spoilers: None if you watched this season.

She was so tired, too tired. She couldn’t sleep she was THAT tired. Wondering what would be on at this time of night, 2:38 AM to be exact, she started flipping through the channels. Damn hotels didn’t have enough channels, it was hard to find anything but re-runs and infomercials. All of a sudden she stopped on ABC. It was a re-run of 20/20, and it seemed to be on the incident in Gaza. She shivered, and was about to change the channel when a familiar face came on the screen…Colin.

“And here’s a photojournalist who not only witnessed the event, but took the difinative photos.”

She dropped the remote on the bed. He did what!?!

“Very nice to be here Barbara.” He flashed his grin.

She couldn’t breathe. Then they flashed the picture he took of her right before the accident. She needed to change the channel, but she couldn’t move. Then they flashed a picture of her upside down…bleeding, dying. She couldn’t remember making it to the bathroom, but somehow she did. All she could remember was driving along talking to Fitz, and then blinding pain. After that she made it across the hall, but she couldn’t remember how. She knocked on the door. “Josh. It’s-uh-me.”

He opened the door, groggy. He had been asleep. She felt really guilty. “Oh God, you were asleep I’m really sorry. I’ll just go back-“

His eyes were suddenly awake. “What happened? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just overreacted. I’m sorry I woke you.” She was hoping her voice sounded nonchalant, but she doubted it could.

“Donnatella Moss you get in this room, and you tell me what’s wrong.” His eyes franticly searched hers.”

“Well if you’re gonna act like that…” She went in the room and sat on the bed.

“Did that gomer say something to you?”

“What gomer?”

He sighed, and sat next to her on the bed. “Will.”

“But me and Will aren’t…we just…Will and I are not a couple.”

“Ok. Then what’s wrong, and don’t say nothing, because I know you better than that.” He took her head in his hands and gently forced her to look in his eyes. They looked scared for her.

“Ok. Well, I turned on the TV in my room, and a 20/20 re-run was on. It was on Gaza. And Colin was on…”

“Wait…What!?!” He got up and started pacing. “That fucking piece of shit. I’m going to kill him. I’ll just call up C.J. and she’ll tell President Bartlett. Yeah. He can have him killed.”

“Josh. Stop.” She couldn’t take it anymore, and the tears started pouring out.

“Oh God. Donna…I just.” He sat down to hold her. “Shhhhhh. We’re gonna get through this.”

“That’s not the worst part.” She continued never leaving his embrace. “He…took pictures.”

“Well Donna, that’s what these people do.”

“No Josh, he took pictures of me, and the accident.” She held him tighter, knowing what was coming next.

“That motherfucking, piece of shit!”

“Josh, not so loud. That was in my ear.”

“Sorry. I just – you sure we can’t have him killed?’

“No Joshua, we can’t.”

They held eachother through the night.
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